On Serra’s Verb List

The three verbs that I choose are to roll, to stretch and to cut.

The object I picked for rolling is toilet paper. One of the most common objects that roll might be a wheel, but interestingly, the first thing that comes to my mind is toilet paper. Probably, everybody has a story about toilet paper, and my story is that I dropped a roll of toilet paper and it keeps rolling and rolling until it reaches the wall, but it never stops rolling in my mind. Toilet paper is such a beautiful design that it makes life easier, and it always relates to rolling because it is rolling either when you are using it or when you drop it. The action of rolling is baked into its gene.

What I picked for stretching is robber band. It is everywhere and it is always stretched unless not in use. When it is stretched, there is a force that is trying to unstretch it, which makes rubber band such a handy tool. It comes with so many variations, around broccoli, around hair, and around a chunk of stuff in general.

The object that cuts is the scissors. Scissors can cut like a knife, yet much more versatile than a knife. It even pierces, which I consider to be a specific type of cutting. There are also arts that are related to scissors, for instance, paper cutting. The scissors I photographed, in particular, is a type of scissors that is often used in Chinese paper cutting.

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