Jack’s Exercise 9: Twelve (Group Work with Ian, Cindy and Xiaoyu)

Note: This is a group work of Jack B. Du (Jiadong Du), Ian Beckman Reagan, Cindy Hu and Xiaoyu Ma.

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Jack’s Exercise 6: Reflection on Everything is a Remix

Reflection on Everything is a Remix

At first appearance, Ferguson seems to be a guy that wants to abolish patent laws and take advantage of others’ intellectual properties. But when I keep watching, I found I started to agree with him more and more.

It is quite true that “everything is a remix” (Ferguson). All lifes on the earth began with one single cell, according to evolution. The cell was “copied, transformed and combined” (Ferguson) so that there turned out to be a variety of creatures on the earth. Humans are doing the same thing intellectually. Music, paintings and films are basically “copied, transformed and combined” (Ferguson) from the previous ones. There is nothing that is created. What we are doing everyday is just remixing what we have learned.

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Jack’s Exercise 5: Jimmy’s Adventurous Journey (Group Work with Jacko and Michael)


Jimmy’s Adventurous Journey (Click the photo to open the comic page)

Note: This is a group work of Jacko Walz, Michael Chang and Jack B. Du (Jiadong Du).

This comic is about Jimmy. First, he pulled out a book and read. The book was actually about Jimmy himself. After each book, he pulled out another book and the stories were totally different. The comic ends with Jimmy’s smiling and satisfied face.

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Jack’s Exercise 4: iPhone Commercial (Group Work with Ferwa and Cindy)


iPhone Commercial

Note: This image is a group work of Jack B. Du, Ferwa Razzaq and Cindy Hu.

This is our final work for this assignment: iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are lifted up by a weight lifter called Tim Cook, who is sitting on the earth.  In the space, as if in the heaven, Steve Jobs is praying for the future of Apple, looking at the viewer at the same time. On two iPhones, there are two children that stand for the size of two iPhones. It conveys the idea of “bigger than bigger”.

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Jack’s Exercise 3: Reflection on On the Rights of Molotov Man

Reflection on On the Rights of Molotov Man

Reading the title, I was wondering who Molotov man is. After Joy telling me the stories behind this picture, I thought I knew who he is. However, Susan explained that Joy was actually decontextualizing the image. She told me the true story of Molotov man.

It is quite surprising that when one image is interpreted in different way, they have different stories and the audience would have a different perspective. Basically, this leads us to thinking about the question of context. For artists, do they have to follow the original context? Is it a good idea to decontextualize it and put some new “context” to it? Personally, I think we need to first respect the original author’s copyright. If necessary, we can have both the original context and the new context at the same time. But we should let the audience be aware of it. In other words, it could be an artistic composition to create new context, but the audience has the right to know the truth.

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Jack’s Exercise 2: Reproductive Art (Group Work with Xiaoyu)

Reproductive Art

(Click the title to open the reproductive art web page.)

Note: This is a group work of Xiaoyu Ma and Jack B. Du (Jiadong Du).

At first, Xiaoyu did the most of the HTML part and I was trying to help her with the CSS part. But it turned out I felt like I wanna give it completely new look. I started to revise both HTML and CSS, and finally made this webpage, which I think is quite beautiful. Basically, she was in charge of the actual reflection I was in charge of the web design.

It turned out I want to say something about this article and I wrote my own response and updated the webpage. It’s great to work with Xiaoyu and she always had good ideas. Also, she spent quite a lot time reading this article and even did quite a few researches on it. At the end of the webpage, there are several interesting links, all of which are contributed by Xiaoyu.

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Jack’s Exercise 1: Reflection on the Machine Stops

Reflection on the Machine Stops

This book seems to be a fiction, but as machines are playing a more and more important role in the world, it is possible for the Machine to take over human society. Also, the disaster is very likely to happen.

In ancient times, the only way to communicate between humans is either to talk face-to-face or to use body languages. Written texts are created afterwards and then we have letters. People who are far away from each other can still communicate through letters, although it was slow. Nowadays, a great number of technologies have been developed for communication. From telegraph to telephone, from email to Facebook, from TV to Twitter, all have been changed greatly. These tools are all based on the same thing—the machine. Thanks to them, our lives have been a lot easier. However, we, as human beings, are more and more dependent on those machines. It is quite controversial whether the machines are serving us or controlling us, also, whether the machines are getting us closer or farther. It is not necessarily saying doubting the value of technology but it gives us a moment to think about these questions.

It is true that humans made machines, so it seems we have enough power over them. For, some people, they are making the best use of machines. Machines help them to have a better life. For them, it is totally fine to have machines with them. However, for those who are addicted to machines and cannot live without machines, they do need to pause and think about it. Sadly, I myself, right now,  am typing on a machine, and I think I do need to think about the relationship between me and the machines.

Lastly, the story might not necessarily happen but it is a warning for us, and it draws our attention to think about what a machine is and what humans made it for.