Dark and Light

Dark and Light is a sculpture that consists of two booths. Each booth has a door with a black curtain. The booth whose door is facing the entrance of the building has three buttons, which are colored red, green and blue, on the upper part of the wall and a speaker on the lower part of the wall and it also has a circular opening on top, which is lit by strong spotlight. The other booth, whose door is facing the wall, the opposite direction as the one mentioned earlier, has a LED on the upper part of the wall and it does not have an opening so as to be dark.

The viewers can truly interact with the sculpture by entering the booths. When a button is pressed, a short piece of music is played and the color of the led changes to the corresponding color.

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Revised Final Project Idea

Below is my revised final project idea. The sculpture will be hanged on road lights so that the lights go through the fabrics and project scattered lights on the ground. Whenever wind comes, the scattered lights will even blink as two layers of fabrics wobbles.

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