Object-Oriented Programming: NYC Transit Visualization

NYC Transit Interactive Visualization is the final project for Spring 2015 Object-Oriented Programming at NYU Shanghai, built in Java. The NYC transit data is downloaded from MTA. The purpose of this project is to provide to the audience a visually pleasing way to view the NYC transit, both for study and for arts. The application simulates the positions of all the public vehicles and lets the user to view the simulation with the user’s preferences.

Blog Post 4: Are We Web Junkies?

This is originally posted here on May 7, 2015

The film Web Junkie is shocking, not just because those kids are so addicted but also how cruel the instructors are treating the kids. Before this film was made, there was news reporting “Chinese teen dies at Internet addiction rehab camp” (Sanderson), which was also the motivation for the filmmakers to make this film. I’m not a medical school student, so I will not talk about the scientific evidences whether or not those kids are disordered or whether or not they treated those kids in the right way. What I am more concerned about is that—are we web junkies? Continue reading “Blog Post 4: Are We Web Junkies?”