Jack’s 12th Project: Jobot Arm

Some Thoughts about this Semester and this Course:

At the beginning of the course, what I want to do for this course is robot. I developed an interest in robotics when I was in middle school. At that time, I do not know much about an Arduino, but I know I can make a robot with it. There are tons of sensors that I may use for the robot. The more sensors I have, the more potentials the robot has. I have explored quite a few sensors in the past semester. Continue reading “Jack’s 12th Project: Jobot Arm”


Jack’s 9th Project: Interactive Circle

When you stares at those circles, you may feel weird, because you do not see the cursor, and you do not know what is going on. Actually, this is a interactive circle, when you move your mouse around in this circular area, the color of this area will be changing all the time. Uppermost is red, lower-left is green and lower-right is blue. Any other position would be a mixture of three different color, which makes it beautiful. Here is a short video demonstrating what it looks like.

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Jack’s Final Project Proposal

Interaction involves at least two sides, one acts, the other reacts, so they interact. It can also involve in multi-sides, which means all different sides may interact with one another. Speaking of interaction, what comes to my mind first is a robot. In terms of a robot, I have two plans so far, one a ball-shaped robot, the other a display-built-in robot. Continue reading “Jack’s Final Project Proposal”

Jack’s 8th Project: Controlling a Motor

NOTE: This project is a cooperation of BOTH Jack Du and Collin Du.

What we built is a motor controlled by a transistor and current regulator. The transistor helps to provide higher voltages for the motor, and the current regulator controls the voltages the motor has so as to control the revolution. At last, we soldered some wires so that they will be connected permanently.

This is a link to the video.

Jack’s 5th Project: Web Version of Hockey Game

Hockey game is BACK!!! This time, neither do you have to copy all the code to your processing editor and run it, nor download the large file and uncompress it. You can just click the link below and enjoy the game. I will try to fix other bugs when I am free.

http://web.nyu.sh/jd2804/hockey/ (updated: http://jackbdu.com/hockey/) Continue reading “Jack’s 5th Project: Web Version of Hockey Game”

Jack’s 6th Project: Jobot

This project is for mid-term. At the very beginning, I was eager to make something that controls the high chair in IMA lab. I had been thinking about it for around two weeks. When I really got hands on it, I found it very difficult to attach the motors to the chair. Even worse, a chair has five wheels itself, while I actually wanted to add 4 wheels, which would be a weird and hard combination. Then I decided to make something smaller. I planned to make a robot that is interactive. It was about a week ago, so I found there was not enough time. I had to change my plan a again, and I finally decided to make a robot, or you may say a car, that is controlled by an infrared remote. Again, I name it in MY TYPICAL WAY: Jobot. It is made up by the first letter of my name and robot without the first letter.


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Jack’s 5th Project: Hockey Game Updated

This upgraded version of hockey game is made for the assignment 5, which is about exploring objects.

New features:

1. countdown for game’s start

2. Press “N” to start new game

3. Press “+” to cheat: add 1 to player’s score

4. Ball speed changing more naturally

5. Better performance for avoiding own goal

6. Appearance of each object is defined separately

7. More detailed comments, more readable code

8. Some other bugs fixed

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