Intro to Drawing: Self-Portrait

Graphite on paper. 16 inches by 16 inches.

This drawing is based on a photograph of me taken by myself. It is the final project for Intro to Drawing at NYU Steinhardt in Spring 2016. Continue reading “Intro to Drawing: Self-Portrait”


Object-Oriented Programming: NYC Transit Visualization

NYC Transit Interactive Visualization is the final project for Spring 2015 Object-Oriented Programming at NYU Shanghai, built in Java. The NYC transit data is downloaded from MTA. The purpose of this project is to provide to the audience a visually pleasing way to view the NYC transit, both for study and for arts. The application simulates the positions of all the public vehicles and lets the user to view the simulation with the user’s preferences.

2014 HackShanghai: JOY Mouse

The idea of JOY Mouse is generated during Barcamp 2014 at NYU Shanghai. This project is initially designed for those that are disabled to use a regular mouse but still able to either move one finger or the arm to control a computer freely. During HackSH, China’s largest college hackathon, this project was further explored and the prototype was done within 24 hours. Also, the instruction video and a web page for the JOY Mouse were also done during that period. This project won the 2nd Best Hardware Hack in that hackathon.


Piecing It Together: Non-rectangular Box Design

When I brainstormed for a non-rectangular box, the first thing that came to my mind is a heart-shape, so I have tried two different designs but I am not very satisfied. The first one would end up leaving the whole heart-shaped top as an “opening”, and the second one would leave the top-center part of the heart empty. I would try to revise the design so that it has a lid.